Why Do Celebrities Get IV Drip Therapy?

Why Do Celebrities Get IV Drip Therapy?

Many celebrities, including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and Cindy Crawford, have embraced a popular health trend known as vitamin IV drips. These celebrities have taken to social media, sharing images of themselves receiving the infusions.

What Are the Reasons Celebs Are Getting Vitamin IV Drips?

Each celebrity has their own unique reasons for receiving vitamin IV drips due to the wide range of benefits they offer. The procedure is favored by celebrities for various reasons, including its ability to promote:

1. Weight loss

Celebrities use weight loss IV drips to maintain optimal vitamin levels, combat fatigue, and enhance their metabolism. This enables them to have the necessary energy for workouts and shedding pounds for specific roles or events. These IV drips containing essential vitamins and minerals aid in expediting post-workout recovery.

2. Healthy skin and hair

Due to their constant exposure to the public eye, celebrities prioritize the appearance of their skin and hair. To achieve optimal results, they opt for beauty IV drips. These drips contain a blend of vitamins and minerals known to enhance the clarity and radiance of the skin.

3. Boosted immunity

Given their hectic schedules filled with tours, performances, media engagements, and glamorous events, celebrities’ occasional need for sick days can disrupt organized occasions. So, many famous individuals resort to receiving intravenous vitamin drips to enhance their immune systems and maintain good health.

4. Hangover recovery

Attending extravagant A-list parties often results in hangovers and the associated discomfort. IV drips offer a solution by relieving symptoms like reduced appetite, nausea, and headaches, enabling celebrities to experience a quicker recovery.

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How Does the Vitamin IV Drip Process Work?

When you contact My IV Doctors, we will arrange for a representative to visit your house, evaluate your symptoms, check your vital signs, and provide you with an opportunity to complete a waiver. We offer a range of ready-made vitamin IV drips, including the highly sought-after Myers’ Cocktail IV. We also have the flexibility to tailor IVs according to your individual requirements and symptoms. If you are encountering pain or nausea, we can incorporate additional medications as well.


In conclusion, the use of Mobile IV drips among celebrities has gained popularity for various reasons. While some celebrities seek IV drips for quick hydration and an energy boost, others turn to these treatments to address specific health concerns or support their busy lifestyles.