NAD+ IV Drip Treatment

NAD+ IV Drip


An NAD+ IV treatment is a treatment that combines the benefits of the NAD treatment in terms of restoring your mind and body to its former glory with a combination of vitamins designed to supercharge its effectiveness. Enjoy the benefits of being mentally sharper, relaxing, reducing your stress levels, enhancing your brain function, and be amazed by the results!

About NAD+ IV Drip Treatment

This cut-edge NAD + IV therapy, which is being introduced by My IV Doctors, aims to improve the health of our cells and promote the overall wellbeing of our patients.
The coenzyme NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a key component of many biological processes, including energy production, DNA replication, and gene expression. There is a decline in NAD+ levels as we age, which puts us at greater risk for cognitive decline, chronic diseases, and muscle weakness.

With My IV Doctors’ NAD+ IV treatment, you can replenish your body’s NAD+ levels safely and effectively. A direct intravenous infusion of NAD+ is used to ensure maximum absorption and bioavailability by bypassing the digestive tract.
In addition to providing a range of benefits, NAD+ IV therapy has been shown to be effective in improving cognitive function, increasing energy levels, improving athletic performance, and decreasing inflammation. Furthermore, it may assist cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and assist with addiction recovery.
With My IV Doctors, licensed medical professionals administer intravenous NAD+ treatment to patients who have extensive experience and knowledge. With the most modern medical technology, and only top-quality supplements, we offer cutting-edge care.

The NAD+ IV treatment offered by My IV Doctors is the best solution for those who are seeking to boost their energy levels, improve their cognitive functions, or simply improve their overall wellness. Take advantage of this groundbreaking therapy today and experience all the benefits that this method has to offer.


1. What is the duration of the benefits of NAD+ IV?

The effects of your first IV treatment of NAD+ last for 4-14 days, depending on the severity of your condition and the health goals you are pursuing. After receiving infusions of NAD+, patients report being able to think more clearly.

2. What is the recommended frequency of NAD+ IV therapy?

My IV Doctors has traditionally recommended this infusion twice a month and can take up to two hours to complete and is typically prescribed once or twice a month. By using this treatment, your body gets the chance to repair damaged DNA cells and stay healthy.

3. Does NAD+ need to be taken at a certain time?

The presence of NAD+ in the body has actually been shown to control the Circardian rhythm within the body. This is the mechanism in the body that regulates when you should be awake and when it is time to sleep. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking NAD+ in the morning. Wake up your body with this!

4. How is NAD+ IV administered?

In order to administer the NAD+ IV therapy treatment by My IV Doctors, we have a team of Registered Nurses who are trained in administering IV therapy treatments to patients.

5. How do I choose the right NAD+ dosage?

Clients are advised to begin by taking 250mg of NAD+ until they gain a better understanding of how it affects their body. Our IV Doctors are happy to offer our clients the option to increase their NAD+ dosage by a maximum of 50 mg a day up to a total of 500 mg per day. It is important to note that after you have become accustomed to NAD+, you can gradually increase the dose over time so that your results can improve.